President Pierre Nkurunziza

President of Burundi.

The East African Manufacturers Association (EAMA) is a Business Membership Organisation established in 2015 to offer business services to all Manufacturers in East Africa. Its main aim is to increase Markets Access in all East Africa Community states through our digital marketing mediums.


Country Context

Since 2005, Burundi’s annual economic growth rate has averaged 4.5%. As a land locked country, it faces economic challenges including high transport costs, a high trade deficit, a narrow export base. 90% of the population is dependent on subsistence agriculture. Following presidential elections in April 2015, the situation has descended into political insecurity and economic decline in the country. If the current political situation persists, Burundi may remain fragile in medium term, causing risk to the most vulnerable in society. Allegations of human rights abuses also constrain economic activity.  Private sector investment has shrunk and the public sector is constrained by falling domestic revenue as well as reduction in external aid flows from donors.