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Membership Benefits

General Benefits of being part of EAMA Membership

  1. Becoming part of a larger body professionally working together to increase their markets access in East Africa.

  2. Getting regular first hand information and business opportunities on the East African Community and other trading blocks in the world.

  3. Targeted Digital Marketing. We are playing a significant role in supplementing manufacturers’ marketing plans through our digital marketing mediums including this website.  Using our digital platforms, Members will have their products and services exposed to our clientele of 171 million customers living in East Africa.

  4. Participation in the decision making process of EAMA by being represented at the Board of EAMA.

  5. EAMA organizes and provides opportunities for its members to participate in meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and trade fairs. By being a member, you will have the opportunity to network with your peers and other members of the business community. Participation in the most prestigious annual business event.

  6. Access to information at EAMA such as the resource center, internet facility, membership register, free subscription to bi-annual magazine and periodical briefing notes on national and global economic matters.

  7. Enjoying a 20% discount rate on fee based activities of EAMA e.g. Trade exhibitions, Trainings, advertising (business directory) and conferences.

  8. Enjoying a 50% discount as an Associate member who wants to advertise in the EAMA Business Directory.Use of EAMA Logo in advertisements to demonstrate the spirit of working together as East African Manufacturers

  9. REGULAR UPDATES. You will receive regular communication and updates from our Secretariat through E-Mails, Bi-Weekly Business brief to keep you updated with current issues relating to your business.

  10. Training and capacity building of you and your members in the various needs that may arise including governance, financial literacy and other business related skills.

  11. Member visits – every member is visited by the EAMA team at least once a year. Aimed at strengthening links and identifying organizational issues that may require advice from EAMA

  12. Access to entrepreneurship skills and Business counseling services

  13. EAMA Capital Cargo Financing (ECF) At The East African Manufacturers’ Association, we are working closely with our member banks to advance “reduced interest loans” to manufacturers through our EAMA Cargo Financing (ECF) which is extended to bonafide members only. Through our “EAMA Capital Cargo financing”, a manufacturer simply places an order for goods overseas and pays on receipt or in 90 days. For more info, please email your enquiry to finance@ea-ma.organd indicate ECF as your subject.

  14. EAMA conducts continuous research aimed at identifying business opportunities within the region and publishes it both on the website and through regular publications as a tool for members to identify areas where their products can be sold.

  15. Flexible Parcel Insurance. EAMA offers transnational insurance for your small package shipments, with flexible parcel insurance. Members receive Savings of 17% on the per-hundred cost Reimbursement for full invoice value of your goods. Simplified billing with charges incorporated into your EAMA bill. ​​ Best of all there are no upfront costs or premiums; simply enter the value of goods at the time you create your shipment.​ To add flexible parcel insurance to your account please submit your information and a representative will contact you to start the enrollment process. For more info, please email your enquiry to  and indicate FPI as your subject.

  16. BI-ANNUAL MAGAZINES. EAMA provides an opportunity for members to advertise their products and services through our publications such as Magazines that are produced once every six months and our Annual EAMA BUSINESS DIRECTORY. To have your company’s brand listed in our magazine and or EAMA Business Directory, please email us today

  17. Trade Promotions. EAMA provides, at a reasonable fee, an opportunity for members to promote their company products and services through our impending International Trade Fairs, our Website, Bi-Weekly Business brief and quarterly journals to complement their other marketing strategies.

  18. EAMA is recognized and respected by the Governments in the East African region, the business community and the general public. By being a member, you will gain credibility, regional and international image.

  19. EAMA TRAINING SERVICES. The Manufacturing Academy, an arm of the EAMA aims at providing Technical and/or Specialized and Management training and services that are aimed at ensuring the Manufacturing Industry continuously inspire global competitiveness. The Training Centre offers a variety of short courses in areas of Work place Health programs, Accounting and Finance, General Management, Productivity& Quality Management, Sales & Marketing. These courses are either in house (meaning we can train your members at your company) or open courses conducted at our premises.

  20. SOURCE OF INDUSTRIAL INFORMATION. EAMA is the major source of information on manufacturing and associated industries in East Africa. It provides information and practical experience on the investment climate in East Africa. You will be exposed to important issues that will be of help and add value to your business.