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Our Mission:

To protect, grow and promote the East African manufacturing sector.

Our Vision:

To Strive for a One East African Market for investments and business.

Our Goal:

To enable EAMA members access markets across the East African Region by identifying areas where services are not locally available through a network of complementary business participation.

Our Values:

EAMA has 6 values that are the key drivers of its corporate culture.

These are;

  • Innovation

  • Responsiveness

  • Teamwork

  • Integrity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Excellence


To create wealth at both corporate and individual levels by advocating for a competitive environment for businesses to operate; thereby creating better industries, growing the economy, creating jobs and hence resulting in better standards of living for East Africans

Strategic Objectives

  • Enhancing market access for products, locally and globally grow exports by 33% by 2025 through our targeted marketing tips.

  • Retaining and recruiting a broad membership base

  • Operational excellence

  • Driving industrial growth and realization of 15% contribution of manufacturing sector to GDP by 2040.

  • Supporting skills-based job creation agenda and increase manufacturing sector jobs by 33%