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Our Organization;

The East African Manufacturers’ Association – EAMA is a Business Membership Organisation (BMO) operating in East Africa. Our members comprise of majorly medium and large manufacturers in Uganda and Kenya. Established in 2015 as a private business membership association, EAMA is evolving into a vibrant, dynamic, credible and respected business association that unites industrialists, supplements on their marketing efforts and increasing markets access in the region.

Among our key objectives, we seek to increase markets access for manufacturers’ products/services throughout East Africa through our digital marketing platforms, research and publications, networking platforms, capital cargo financing for overseas procurement, Trade promotions, etc. We are striving to expose manufacturers’ products/services to consumers locally and beyond the borders of one’s country of operation.

EAMA does recognize that there are many other Business Membership Organisations – (BMOs) in the region that are mostly offering advocacy services. We are of the opinion that our role is to complement and work together with these BMOs to create more impact most especially in matters relating to advocacy. We are uplifting our marketing awareness efforts to make members of EAMA more visible across the entire region and beyond by leveraging our internet marketing strategy among other programs.

We are playing a significant role in supplementing manufacturers’ marketing plans through our digital marketing mediums including this website.  We also stand with Manufacturers along the manufacturing continuum – from manufacturing design and production, to delivery of finished product, to establishing new markets for their goods/services. We provide business support services such as Training, Capital cargo financing/Loans, Small parcel financing, Targeted Marketing and policy appraisal to our bonafide members.

Manufacturers are our major constituency and their need to compete is our only concern. Ensuring manufacturing competitiveness in East Africa is our only business!

EAMA’s world-class staff of IT and Marketing experts provides unmatched markets access and information on the key issues affecting your business and bottom line. We are on the front lines of a wide range of marketing battles, from manufacturing design and production, to delivery of finished product, to identification of areas where these products/services can best clientele. At every turn, we are working on behalf of manufacturers in East Africa to increase their market share in the regional market.

EAMA is seeking to work closely with the East African Community (EAC) institutions, Regional governments, the private sector, other BMOs and other development partners to increase markets access through;

  • Targeted digital Marketing.

  • Research and Publications

  • Networking platforms

  • Cargo Financing Options

  • Trade Promotions/Fairs.