President Paul Kagame

President of Rwanda.

The East African Manufacturers Association (EAMA) is a Business Membership Organisation established in 2015 to offer business services to Manufacturers in East Africa. Its main aim is to increase Markets Access in all East Africa Community states through our digital marketing mediums.


Country Context

Rwanda has made great strides in social and economic development over the past two decades. The country has climbed international rankings on governance, anti-corruption, gender, competitiveness and doing business. Over the past 5 years, GDP grew on average 7% per year and exports of goods and services increased their share of GDP from 11% to 17%.

As a land locked country, however, Rwanda faces economic challenges including a high trade deficit, high cost of transport and energy and a large population dependent on subsistence agriculture. To address these challenges, the Government of Rwanda’s vision 2020 sets out a strategy for inclusive growth by transforming Rwanda through increased trade, export diversification and deeper regional integration.

There is total reduction in Border clearance time at Kagitumba OSBP in Rwanda courtesy of Trade Mark East Africa.