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President Salva Kiir

President of Southern Sudan

The East African Manufacturers Association (EAMA) is a Business Membership Organisation established in 2015 to offer business services to Manufacturers in East Africa. Its main aim is to increase Markets Access in all East Africa Community states through our digital marketing mediums.


Country Context

South Sudan (SS) gained independence in July 2011 after decades of conflict. Since then, the government has faced multiple nation-building challenges. The greatest of them was the resumption of widespread conflict in 2013, which led to a decline in real GDP. Further, the country faces the task of building new institutions while dealing with low human and institutional capacity, diversifying revenue streams and providing basic services to its 11 million people (half of whom are illiterate and living below the poverty line). Renewed conflict in 2013 not only destroyed development progress that the country had made since independence, but also undermined the private sector as the increased risk profile hampers domestic and external investment.

South Sudan relies heavily on imported goods, while the economy relies heavily on oil revenue which accounts for 90% of all exports and 98% of public revenue. Global fall of oil prices have led to critical shortage of foreign exchange and devaluation of the SS currency. SS recently acceeded to the EAC, within which it hopes to trade more with its neighbours, strengthen its governance structures, and increase economic activity. However it faces challenges in implementing EAC commitments.