President John Magufuli

President of Tanzania

The East African Manufacturers Association (EAMA) is a Business Membership Organisation  established in 2015 to offer business services to Manufacturers in East Africa. Its main aim is to increase Markets Access in all East Africa Community states through our digital marketing mediums.


Country Context

Tanzania’s economy has grown at an annual average GDP growth rate of 7 per cent from 2002 to 2014. The economy is largely driven by communications, transport, financial intermediation, construction, agriculture and manufacturing. The recent discovery of natural gas is also likely to have a major impact on Tanzania’s economy over the next 10 -15 years. The Government of Tanzania (GoT) has set out its economic reform agenda in the Big Results Now (BRN) strategy, which sets out a time-bound roadmap of key issues to address in each sector, with performance indicators. The port of Dar es Salaam is arguably Tanzania’s most important infrastructure asset. Future growth of the economy depends on the port’s ability to improve, to become more efficient and to be able to handle more trade. Despite the remarkable progress and economic opportunities, the country is still economically dependent on agriculture, which employs most people and especially women. Continued progress is thus rely on deliberate efforts to tap into natural resources, increase tourism revenue and exploit potential for exporting value-added agricultural products.