President Yoweri K. Museveni

President of Uganda

The East African Manufacturers Association (EAMA) is a Business Membership Organisation established in 2015 to offer business services to Manufacturers in East Africa. Its main aim is to increase Markets Access in all East Africa Community states through our digital marketing mediums.


Country Context

Uganda strategic geographic position makes it a vital node for the region’s trade with Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya. Since 2015, Uganda’s annual economic growth rate has averaged 5.4% with the country surpassing the MDG target of halving poverty by 2015 (United Nations Development Programme MDG Goals Report 2015).

The country continues to face economic challenges including a high trade deficit, high cost of doing business due to poor infrastructure and low value addition to its agriculture exports. A stagnant domestic revenue mobilisation and uncertainity around oil production further compounds the situation.These challenges, hinder the development of key sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and services, thus limiting their ability to satisfy the demand for jobs and contribute to poverty reduction. Uganda poverty level currently stands at 19.5%.

The recent introduction of Mobile Money and social media taxes will earn the government of Uganda an extra US$280million this 2018/19 financial year.

The East African Manufacturers Association (EAMA) is working with the Government of Uganda to tackle some challenges of cross border trade.